We are a specialist manufacturer of hoes and farm tools.
We respect the smithery tradition in Tsubame-Sanjo and stick to handwork.

  • Give ideas to farm tools.
  • Give pleasure to farm tools.
  • Give safety to farm tools.
  • Give design to farm tools.
  • From tradition to innovation -
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About our products

We will strive to be a community blacksmith of today!

The form and structure of today's hoes were established in the quite old days and have never seen any changes for a long time. Actually, these hoes are used and manufactured by people of today. The build, physical strength, form of work and movement of people nowadays have changed considerably from those of people living several decades ago, and the hoes which were created and developed through traditional labor of Japanese people are no longer appreciated by the former.

Hoes were produced mainly in outdoor smithery. In fact, hand-made products were often better in quality as hoes. However, such outdoor smithery has drastically declined over time, the sales method has also changed and cheap products imported from overseas dominate the market.

However, there is still a part of society which can appreciate hoes marked with the spirit of beautiful Japanese culture. Also, it is necessary to produce hoes that satisfy the needs of a growing new society while keeping the tradition at the same time. This new society is related to the promotion of kitchen gardening.

We are required to provide hoes that can be manufactured by mass production and that keep the advantage of hand-made products. In fact, scientific design documents that can be useful for this purpose are very rare. In order to provide hoes that will satisfy users, we aim to become a community blacksmith of today by shortening the distance from users, sharing information and accumulating the technology.

The Good Design Award 2011
Award for Product Safty

Our products

The farm work, to harvest from the soil structure, there is a lot of work. It is produced by traditional techniques of old-fashioned blacksmith tools appropriate for each work.

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Repair technology of hoes

In Aida godo factory, I make use of the technology has continued to stick to hoe production of handmade, Sometimes it is also possible to repair because I want you to use it for a long time the tools they are familiar.


* Repair requests can only be made
     from within Japan.

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