We are a specialist manufacturer of hoes and farm tools.
We respect the smithery tradition in Tsubame-Sanjo and stick to handwork.
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About the repair of hoes

We would like to show you how we repair a hoe so that they look and cut just like a brand-new one.

Aida Godo Factory can regenerate hoes that have become rusty and blunt, or that are partly broken or worn away, so that they will cut just like brand-new products again. We repair your favorite hoes that have been used for a long time with the skill of our craftsmen who have attached importance to the production of hoes by handwork.*

* Repair requests can only be made from within Japan.

Case repair photos hoe

How your hoe will be renovated(Click the image to enlarge it)

1. Hoes before repair

2. Prepare a paper pattern
for the edge to be renovated

3. Have the steel ready as
raw material

4. Carefully check the size
of the steel

5. Weld the steel

6. Cut off the unnecessary parts

7. Hardening

8. Forge welding of
the steel

9. Form the hole or
the protruding part where
the handle is to be attached

10. Cut off unnecessary parts of the repaired hoe

11. Weld the edge to the hole
and the protruding part

12. Also fix small distortions by hand

13. Grind the entire edge

14. Sharpen the hoe so that
it cuts better

15. Conduct coating on the surface

16. Finish
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