We are a specialist manufacturer of hoes and farm tools.
We respect the smithery tradition in Tsubame-Sanjo and stick to handwork.
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Niigata Kenoh Meister

The skills of artisans who maintain traditional techniques

In November 2005, Tadao Aida, Chairperson of the company, was recognized as the "First Niigata Kenoh Meister".

The "Niigata Kenoh Meister" is a system aimed at awarding prominent technicians and skilled people working in the central (Kenoh) district of Niigata Prefecture and is certified by the Sanjo District Promotion Office of Niigata Prefecture. It has been created to promote the maintenance and transmission of excellent local skills and techniques and to push forward human resources development, through activities to convey skills and techniques of these Meisters.

Niigata Kenoh Meister,Tadao AIDA

What is the Niigata Kenoh Meister?(quoted from the website of Niigata Prefecture

Sanjo and Tsubame districts (in Niigata Prefecture) have developed for around 600 years thanks to "monozukuri (manufacturing)" activities, with focus on metal processing. Over the course of time, a variety of local industries emerged, along with its metal processing industry, and the prominent skills and techniques of "monozukuri" have been passed on continuously among skilled technicians.
The products have been delivered not only nationwide but also to the entire world, which shows that here we have excellent skills that support the needs of the time. The Sanjo District Promotion Office certifies as the "Niigata Kenoh Meister" highly skilled craftspeople engaged in "monozukuri" in the Kenoh district, which is a region with one of the most important concentration of local industries in Japan, and supports activities aimed at maintaining such precious property and contributing to the promotion of local industries.
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