We are a specialist manufacturer of hoes and farm tools.
We respect the smithery tradition in Tsubame-Sanjo and stick to handwork.
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President's Speach

"Connect the life in woodland to the future with skills of craftspeople"

Satoshi AIDA,CEO

Sticking to the spirit of smithery in Tsubame-sanjo that has been passed on for a long time, Aida Godo Factory has manufactured farm tools adapted to the natural features of Japan. Moreover, our hoes, which have been supported by the skills and efforts of many craftspeople since our foundation, have been favored by farmers nationwide.

However, the lifestyle has changed over times, and the situation of the country has also been modified due to the decreasing birthrate and aging population, thus the environment surrounding agriculture has undergone a violent change. Farming villages have seen decrease in population and farmers are getting older and older. If we let this situation continue, Japan's beautiful landscapes as well as its countryside and woodlands, which have fostered various forms of life, will continue to be lost.

As a blacksmith having been manufacturing farm tools, it is our responsibility to reflect on our own work and try to respond to the needs of the time in order to pass on this beautiful climate of Japan to the next generation. We consider it to be an obligation not only to maintain skills and knowledge for manufacturing products but also to deliver our products to those who are responsible for preserving countryside and woodlands and inform them of how to use such tools.

We are a small blacksmith but we strive to connect a variety of Japan's good traditions to the future from the viewpoint of a manufacturer.

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