We are a specialist manufacturer of hoes and farm tools.
We respect the smithery tradition in Tsubame-Sanjo and stick to handwork.
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List of product series


To a use or purpose are available, with farming tools of many kinds.

Design farming tools

We propose new farming tools
for kitchen gardening adapted
to the lifestyle

Flat hoe

The most frequently used hoe
in farming

Weed-scraping shovel

A weeding tool that can be used
in a standing position


A convenient tool used to clean
out ditches and to largely move

Harvesting fork

An agricultural fork used to reap
root vegetables

Hole-digging shovel

A hole-digging tool to be used
exclusively for farming

Bicchu hoe

A bifurcated hoe used to stir soil
and to harvest

Tou hoe

Used to cultivate wastelands and
to turn up the soil; this is the
first hoe to be used in farming.

Hand hoe

A small hoe used for work in
a small space or for gardening


Our original scythe for gardening

Shovel for placer mining

A tool exclusively used for
placer mining

Other various tools

Other edged tools for farming

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