We are a specialist manufacturer of hoes and farm tools.
We respect the smithery tradition in Tsubame-Sanjo and stick to handwork.
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Company overview

Corporate name
Aida Godo Factory Co.,Ltd.
Location information
1-7-4, Tajima, Sanjo-shi, Niigata, 955-0044 Japan
Telephone number
+81 256 33 0192
Fax number
+81 256 34 2990
E-mail address
Business activities
Production, sale, as well as planning and development of farm and gardening tools
Our main products and services
Flat hoes, Bicchu hoes, Tou hoes, spades, scythes, comb-formed round-point spades, potato-digging shovels, hole-digging shovels, spin shovels
Award history
■The design farm tool "humi-suki (hoe)" was given the Good Design Award for the year 2011 (Sundries and household goods category).

■The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
 After 2010 and 2013, Aida Godo Factory has received for the third time an Award for Best Contributors to Product Safety in 2015 and has been recognized as a Gold Contributor to Product Safety. This is the first time a small and medium-sized enterprise has received this award three times.
Sales points
We produce custom-made farm tools and repair hoes, whether they are our products or not.
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